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Jill Tonachio


KORU Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Jill Tonachio's Story

Jill has extensive skills in working with people new to Mindfulness and with experienced meditators seeking to enhance their  practices. Her own immersion in the corporate arena has given her insight into how to use meditation in business to foster leadership, drive performance and provide tools for success. Jill’s personal experience of incorporating Mindfulness into her demanding schedule allows for her to provide various suggestions on building a personal practice with custom design for her clients. Her training and accreditations include KORU Mindfulness Instructor Certification, Google’s “Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute”, Sharon Salzburg’s “Integrity as the Path to Happiness”, Chopra Center's Primordial Sound Meditation Training, Kripalu’s Positive Psychology Course, and Gap International’s Breakthrough Intensive.Her mindfulness coaching is a thoughtful blend of skills and tools from a variety of meditation and mindfulness practices. This integrative mindfulness training allows people to learn what techniques work best for them (rather than try to fit themselves to one technique) and enable people to experience the benefits of incorporating mindfulness as a regular practice.

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