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Why Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements?

      Vitamins and supplements can be a fantastic way to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs, especially if they're lacking in your regular diet. However, it's crucial to recognize that not all supplements are made equal. Numerous studies have revealed that a significant portion of over-the-counter supplements don't actually contain the ingredients listed on their labels. A report in the New York Times highlighted that many commonly found supplements in big stores may not be what they claim to be. For instance, DNA tests on these products revealed that pills labeled as healing herbs often contained little more than powdered rice and weeds rather than the stated beneficial ingredients.

     It's disconcerting that many companies are not complying with regulations set by the FDA to prevent such adulteration. Roughly 70% of firms are not meeting these manufacturing standards, leading to a high prevalence of mislabeled or diluted supplements in the market.

     However, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, such as those offered by Full Spectrum Integrative Medicine, maintain a higher and purer concentration. They undergo rigorous testing for purity, ensuring they don't contain common allergens or fillers like gluten. Unlike their over-the-counter counterparts, pharmaceutical-grade supplements are made with higher-quality ingredients that are better absorbed by your body, making them more effective.

     While pharmaceutical-grade supplements might come with a slightly higher price tag compared to cheaper alternatives, they offer a better value for your health. Cheaper versions often contain less effective ingredients that are poorly absorbed, rendering them practically useless. In some cases, these supplements may even pose health risks due to the hidden dangers in their common fillers.

     It's important to note that patients are not obligated to purchase supplements through Full Spectrum Integrative Medicine. These supplements are provided as a convenient option, vetted by Dr. Staid, ensuring their quality and efficacy based on years of experience.

     By choosing pharmaceutical-grade supplements recommended by reputable professionals, patients can trust that they are receiving high-quality products with precisely what's listed on the label, without hidden risks or inefficacies commonly found in over-the-counter supplements.

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