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Dr Staid Rashna

Rashna Staid, MD, FACP

Integrative Functional & Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Staid's Story

Dr. Rashna Staid has been practicing Integrative Functional Medicine for over 20 years. She is dual board certified in Internal Medicine (ABIM) and Integrative Medicine (ABOIM) and has an extensive background in Nutrition & Biochemistry from her undergraduate years at Cornell University. She attended medical school at SUNY-HSC Syracuse and completed her Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine at The Lahey Clinic in Burlington, MA.


After joining her first medical practice, Dr. Staid became interested in preventive medicine and helping her patients restore health by combining traditional medicine, nutrition, and the holistic therapies her patients were interested in pursuing.  Her journey for knowledge and her desire to help her patients understand and treat the root cause of their ailments compelled her to join an Integrative Medicine primary care practice in 2001. This taught her how to design Integrative Medical care plans for her patients working alongside other holistic practitioners. She was the Lead Physician until she moved to PA with her family in 2005. In 2006, she started an Integrative Primary Care practice in Chester County, PA until she was recruited to start an Integrative Functional medicine practice as a Specialist in Integrative Functional Medicine in Villanova.


Dr. Staid has completed extensive coursework in functional, integrative medicine and mind-body practices over the years to further refine her skills, while also staying up-to-date on the medical advances in Internal Medicine. In 2016, she completed her board certification in Integrative Medicine with the American Board of Integrative Medicine (ABOIM). She recently re-certified in Internal Medicine in 2018. She has also completed the coursework in Functional Medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM).

With all of her extensive training and experience patients should expect to find a partner in optimizing their health. Dr. Staid uses the functional medicine evaluation and diagnostic tools to get to the root causes of a patient's medical concerns and chronic health problems while keeping in mind the patient's health goals. Her approach is to systematically restore the patient's own innate balance after carefully reviewing a patients history, extensive diagnostic tests and assessing the goals and desires of the patient. She then crafts patient-specific treatment protocols that address the cause of a patient's illness rather than prescribing for their symptoms.  Protocols can include whole food diets, targeted nutrient repletion, gut, and hormonal re-balancing regimens, detoxification protocols, hormones, skin and body therapies, medications (if necessary), stress management and/or psychological therapies to restore a patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. ​

American Board Of Internal medicine
American Board Of Integrative Medicine
American Board Of Integrative Holistic Medicine
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