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MBSR Testimonials

"Having developed a modest meditation/yoga practice over the past seven years, I went into the MBSR classes believing it would provide me additional tools for leading a mindful life. In other words, I was looking to expand on a decent but simple base – I wanted more arrows in my quiver. And I was not disappointed. I left our class with several new techniques as well as variations on previously acquired approaches. And I found that my base had deepened in that I had unwittingly developed improved concentration and discipline during mediation and yoga practice.


However, frankly, that was not the real take-away. I was also quite surprised by what I learned. The skills I acquired through MBSR were not just new daily activities, they were skills that actually helped me bring mindfulness into my existing daily activities. I find myself more thoughtful in my approach to work; more careful and selective in my dialogue with both loved ones and colleagues; I, more often than not, catch myself before I over react (run) and take notice if I am inclined to under-react (hide); I notice and enjoy the smallest of pleasures and acknowledge and more fluidly process the challenges of the day, all of which has made the line between working and living dissipate." - Jennifer E.

The accountability to practice was very valuable. The sessions were helpful in understanding how everyone was relating to the practice. Kim’s readings help to tie things together in my mind for future goals and to picture things more clearly. I found Kim to be a wonderful instructor. I think she possesses a gift for sharing her thoughtfulness/mindfulness. - Stacy P.

"Full day of mindfulness flew by! Could be even longer. It was amazing and challenging and beautiful. All of the practitioners were so professional and accommodating. Kim embodies the perfect meditation instructor. She kept on pace without rushing. Kim was inclusive and kind." - Anonymous Patient

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