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     "I have been a patient of Rashna Staid for almost a decade. I find her very thorough, smart and caring. She has looked at all aspects of my life to help my overall health and quality of life. As a new patient she does a large variety of tests to get a base line and determine what is going on in your body. She has referred me to some specialty doctors that have been excellent. She ties all aspects of my health from diet, medication, supplements, meditation and exercise." 

-Mark Bevevino


"Dr. Staid is not your typical doctor; she spends an unusual amount of time with each patient, is an excellent listener, and has an incredible breadth of knowledge she uses to figure out what is going on and the best way to approach a problem.  She integrates traditional Western medicine with more leading-edge methods, including supplements and updated lab testing, to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient.  Full Spectrum offers a modern alternative to a traditional doctor and the practice is a refreshing breath of fresh air in today’s overwhelming and complicated medical world."

-Lynda S.


"My visits with Dr. Staid and her staff are super insightful and always have me leaving ready and excited to continue my healthcare journey. Dr. Staid provides the utmost professionalism with reviewing, studying, and explaining all of my labs, tests, and concerns. Naidia and Anna are also integral to the wellness practice as they are also so welcoming and put a lot of care into making sure everything is running smoothly. My friend referred me to Dr. Staid over 2 years ago and working with her has changed my life for the better. Now, I finally have my husband using her and he loves her too."

-Rian S.


“Every visit with Dr. Staid is abundant with useful, pertinent information.  She uses the time afforded us in a practical manner without compromising engagement and compassion.  She continuously partners with me to review and assess solutions/treatment modalities for my issues/concerns with an eye to how my genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors impact my health."

  -Jane F.



"During my visits, Dr. Staid promotes a stimulating exchange of knowledge and is not condescending in her approach.  She meticulously reviews all my lab and test results in a methodical and detailed manner.  She provides insight on the latest research and treatment to support and enhance my personal health care treatment and goals."

  -Cindy Y.

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