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Why Integrative Functional Medicine? 

Whole-system partnership, evaluation, and treatment. 

Functional Medicine is a personalized approach to understanding the root cause of your ailments. It is very different from traditional medicine because it is a form of whole-system thinking by looking at the interrelationships of the parts of the system affected, rather than hyper-focusing on any individual problem or system. This makes our partnership, the evaluation, and treatment part of the healing process because your needs are carefully being assessed to optimize your health and well-being.

Integrative Medicine expands the medical bag of therapeutic options. The art of medicine is understanding how and when to incorporate these modalities into the treatment regimens. Treatments may include recommendations for personalized diets, IV/PO nutrient and herbal regimens, stress management therapies (CBT, NET, EMDR, Heart Math biofeedback), yoga, massage, chiropractic/ART therapy, acupuncture, MBSR classes, meditation alongside traditional medical therapies to optimize your health and well-being. Dr. Staid does not practice all these specialties but has a well-vetted network of practitioners to help be part of the health team which she orchestrates.


Integrative Functional Medicine uses this personalized, systematic approach to delve into why a patient has an ailment. With advanced laboratory evaluations including genetic testing, stool testing,  nutrient function testing,  comprehensive hormonal testing, allergy testing, detoxification pathway testing, inflammatory markers, and advanced cardio-metabolic disease marker testing Dr. Staid carefully synthesizes a treatment plan to move you toward improving symptoms, reducing inflammation, rebalancing health and improving a sense of well-being using the tools in both her traditional medicine and integrative functional medicine toolbox.

What does Integrative Functional Medicine Treat?

Before specializing as an Integrative Functional Medicine Specialist, Dr. Staid practiced Integrative Functional medicine as a primary care doctor for over 16 years and has treated patients with all types of disease and health conditions. She has special interests in:

Illustrated Mint

Gut Health Rebalancing

Women's Health Issues (PCOS, Dysmenorrhea, PMS)

Reducing Inflammation

Stress Management

Cardio-Metabolic Diseases

Hair Loss

Ultra-Wellness  & Preventative Medicine Focused Health Plans

Auto-immune diseases

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Medically Relevant Aesthetics Therapies

Illustrated Rosemary

Aesthetic Skin Conditions

Hormone Imbalances

Chronic Disease Management

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