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Naidia Cascio, RN


Holistic Health Nurse

Naidia Cascio's Story

Naidia Cascio, BSN, is passionate about helping people to achieve optimal health through lifestyle coaching. She believes a healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of wellness and you are what you eat, drink and think.  Naidia is a pioneer in the healthy living movement. In 1980 she recognized the impact that food and lifestyle had on her own health, which drew her to become a student of renowned macrobiotic teachers Michio and Aveline Kushi. From there she founded the Mount Airy Wellness Center and became an organic chef and advisor to many regarding healthy eating and lifestyle. Naidia continues to use food as the first step and most significant step to attaining Optimal Health & Wellness and refers to her kitchen as the apothecary. 

Over the past forty years, Naidia has built upon her knowledge of health and wellness, attaining a nursing degree in 1999 from Villanova University. She then worked as a nurse in oncology and integrative medicine. During nursing school, Naidia began to explore and study energetic healing modalities. She became a certified Reiki master in 2005, and a certified Matrix Energetics practitioner in 2012. She is currently studying Pranic Energy Healing.

Naidia was introduced to a meditation master in the 1980’s, and she continues to study with him today. From her extensive work, she has learned that yoga, meditation and breath work are wonderful modalities for dealing with stress. Naidia has taught yoga and meditation for ten years in the Philadelphia area.

When Naidia is not helping others you will find her cooking, going for a five mile walk with her new puppy, and practicing yoga and meditation!

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