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Personal Training

Who should consider this program?
This program is for anyone looking for a complete health and wellness program. It is especially helpful for people who need more accountability, help with movement, or who just want to be stronger, healthier, and/or reach a new level in their health and wellness goals. Our personal training program is flexible to meet your needs. The program will help you to increase your mobility, flexibility, endurance, and all-over strength. Each exercise program is specifically designed to meet your personal goals and be in-line with Dr. Staid's recommendations.
Who Benefits? 
EVERYONE is able to have more energy, move better, and most importantly FEEL better.
Duration: Choose from individual sessions or packages consisting of 4, 6, or 8 sessions. All programs will include a take-home program and check-ins.
The Program
  • Initial Assessment:
    • Will first starts with an in-depth intake to better understand your exercise goals, limitations, and preferences. Followed by a Functional Movement Assessment and a personalized movement screen to better understand your baseline in order to create a safe and manageable program.
    • A multi-frequency segmental body composition analysis to determine your baseline and help create a targeted personalized exercise plan.
  • Training Sessions:
    • 60-minute sessions including warm-up, workout, and cool down
      • The warm-ups are meant to increase range of motion, decrease the risk of injury, and promote fat loss
      • The workout is specific to each person's needs and abilities. When possible the program will include the 6 foundational movement patterns to completely strengthen the body by using all major muscle groups. 
      • The cool down will  include various stretches and exercises meant to reduce heart rate, and return muscles to their normal state. This helps with recovery, injury prevention, and decreases stiffness and soreness post exercise.
    • The program will also include recovery days and recommendations for unsupervised work-outs
  • Mid Program Re-Assessment(s):
    • Will retest functional movement screen and personalized movement screen in order to assess progress make changes to the plan
    • Option for a Multi-Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analysis to help assess progress with your exercise and wellness program
    • Revised plan outline based on your changing patient preferences, movement screens, and Body Comp evaluations 
  • Final Program Assessment:
    • Will retest functional movement screen, and personalized movement screen in order to measure progress.
  • Secure portal access to your healthcare team for ease of communication
**Additional fees may apply if travel is required to your home. 
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