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Legacy Patient Programs
Who is a Legacy patient?
  • A patient who has been treated by Dr. Staid at her previous location since 2016.
What do you need to do before booking an appointment to see Dr. Staid?
  • To become a Legacy patient of Full Spectrum Integrative Medicine please see How to Sign-Up? 
  • We ask you to fill out all the forms because this is a new practice. We know this feels like a lot of repeat work, but it will help us greatly to re-establish care and to make sure all of your health histories are up-to-date so we can monitor your progress and address any new issues.
  • Complete a Medical record release form and send it to the Marcus Institute to have your records transferred.
  • If you need refills of your supplements, please message us through the portal after completing the Supplement and Medication tabs.
  • If you do not see a supplement you need, the office will be using FullScript which gives you access to an extensive variety of high-quality supplements. 
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