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Anna Ebert

Anna Ebert has had a life long passion for health and wellness. She graduated from Jefferson University with a  bachelors in Health Sciences and has dedicated her spare time to educating herself further from the typical classroom setting. She has completed multiple certifications including Precision Nutrition, NASM personal training, Pre-and Postnatal fitness, Cornell Plant-Based nutrition, and her 200-hour Yinyasa and Ashtanga yoga certification. She also has an extensive reading list of health and wellness books and studies that she hopes to complete by 2020… although it continues to grow every day. 


While struggling with weight gain, acne, and mood changes in college, she realized how big of an effect her eating habits were having on her well-being. She quickly made her way to the library, read for hours on the science behind nutrition and fitness, and changed her major the next day to Health Sciences. She not only started integrating certain techniques into her own life but also started spreading her message across campus by helping create an exercise support group to benefit other students that needed it. She then began working closely with professors about natural remedies for the struggles she, and other college students were facing, in order to help create healthier lives. These moments propelled her into continuing her journey of health and wellness by becoming a certified nutrition coach, yoga instructor, and personal trainer. 

Her passion now is to continue to learn as much as she can, and provide the best care for anybody that she meets. When she is not working, or reading up on the latest research studies, you can find Anna wake boarding, cooking, or on a long hike!

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