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What is KORU Mindfulness Coaching?

KORU Mindfulness coaching led by Jill Tonachio can support a person to become more comfortable with the practice of mediation or assist an experienced meditator to enhance their practice.  Studies have proven that Mindfulness practices contribute to overall wellness by reducing stress and increasing resilience.  The services offered use a variety of techniques that are customized to the unique requirements of each client. 


Services Offered:


  • 4-week Course (Group Training max 5 or 1:1 setting)

    • Participants meet once per week to learn skills for immediate application

    • Class meets for about 60 minutes each week

    • The instructor is available for questions and support between classes

  • 1:1 Coaching

    • Available for patients new to meditation or those with experience looking to enhance their practice

    • Fully customized based on the individual’s needs

    • 1:1 session in person or Telehealth

    • Each session is 50 minutes

    • Suggested frequency is weekly until a foundation established

  • Workshops

    • A customized session based on desired outcomes

    • Participants may be new students or have prior experience

    • Workshop length determined by the desired outcome

The Coaching Assessment Form needs to be completed prior to the initial meeting. Please download here, complete and send it back to the office either through our HIPPA compliant Patient Portal, the Spruce Health app, or FSIM fax 610-320-2025. Please note: Email may be used but is NOT a  HIPPA compliant means of communication.

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