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What is Adapted Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction?

People participate in the MBSR course for many reasons—to relieve stress of all kinds, to soothe emotional and physical pain, to live and love more fully, to establish a regular practice of mindfulness, and more.  Here are some comments from a few of our recent course graduates:

  • I have gained many valuable tools that I will continue to use daily due to their powerfulness.  I have become more aware of how much I’m contributing to my health issues and that I have the choice and control to change. The more I practice mindfulness, the more I crave that time to calm my nervous system down.  I’ve learned to have more compassion for myself as well as letting go and stop resisting so much." Lisa M

  • "Certainly very worthwhile, time well spent, many learnings, learning many practical skills. I thought it was really welcoming, well done, having both in person or remote capabilities was great, all participants were able to freely communicate, or not if they chose, very comfortable and settling.” Harold J

  • "Learning how to meditate and all the other tools have helped my anxiety tremendously. It was paced beautifully.”  Linda S

To sign up or learn more, please contact:

Catherine McKay:

Or Call: (610)-557-8500

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