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1. Quality and Efficiency

The sourcing of supplement ingredients is critical to the effectiveness of the supplements. Do they come from a non-toxic environment? Are they sourced ethically? Are they in the best form to be effective? Dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors are not required to obtain FDA approval before marketing dietary supplements. The companies are however responsible for ensuring: the product is safe, any claims are not false or misleading, and  product complies with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulations.

2. Tried and tested

When choosing supplement brands to work with it is important to review the research that has been done and what type of clinical trials the company has used to evaluate its effectiveness.  Full Spectrum Integrative Medicine works with companies that provide independent lab certifications testing  (like GMP and USP).  These are guidelines that are strictly followed to assure quality products. All  products at Full Spectrum Integrative Medicine are batch tested and if a product fails any test, it is not sold. Unfortunately, not all brands follow such stringent testing.

3. Dosage and Formulas

This is an important factor to take into consideration when supplementing.  More isn’t always better and depending on the supplement, it can make more sense to choose a supplement with a lower dose that can be taken several times a day so there is a better chance of it being absorbed or works with another agent for a synergistic benefit. Additionally, capsules is not the only way to get nutrients. Full Spectrum Integrative Medicine offers IV nutrient therapy, powders, liquid, and topical supplements when appropriate.

4. Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs)

Always avoid anything that has been genetically modified, including your supplements.  Not only are GMO products bad for your health, they are not good for the environment and the community.  They can require heavy use of toxic pesticides and herbicides including glyphosate which has been linked to many health conditions including cancer and digestive complaints. Full Spectrum Integrative Medicine uses the highest quality ingredients in their supplements and adheres to strict standards to ensure there are no GMO ingredients.

5. Additives, colorings and artificial flavorings

Look for clean and pure products with no added sugars, colorings, additives or artificial flavorings. Keep an eye out for allergens too such as gluten, dairy and soy as these can often be used in supplements.

6. Cost

Supplements need to be affordable but cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better.  Some cheaper brands do not use well sourced  or the appropriate form of the active ingredient, which can make the product ineffective.  Always do your research and take all of the above into consideration. 


Choosing a supplement doesn’t have to be an overwhelming  task if you follow these tips.  By choosing a reputable company that uses top quality materials and has good ethical values, your body will reap the benefits and your mind will be at ease knowing that you are using a quality supplement.

Supplement Tips

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