Comprehensive Executive Health Program

Comprehensive Executive Health Examination (CEHE)

Who should consider this program?

This program is tailored to the needs of an individual or a company looking for an Executive Health plan for its employees. Length of the program and cost of plans vary depending on needs. Plans include in-depth advanced screening biometric testing, but also may include advanced nutrigenomic testing, nutrient testing, hormone testing, gut health analysis, and genetic testing. Please call and we would be happy to tailor a program for you or your employee's needs.

Duration: Typically 3- 6 months but can vary depending on your individual needs

All CEHE programs will include at a minimum the following:

  • Prior to your visit:

    • Review of your comprehensive detailed patient intake and medical records from the past 1-2 year
    • Comprehensive biomarker testing -concierge services are available upon request.
  • First Visit:
    • Initial Consult (duration dependent on testing)
    • Multi-Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analysis
    • Comprehensive in-house biometric testing and referrals, if needed, based on your health history and/or health concerns**
    • Creation of a personalized comprehensive health plan For Optimal Health & Wellness
    • Health, Wellness and Nutrition Coaching Session
  • Follow-Up:* (duration dependent on testing)
    • Repeat selective biomarker testing
    • A follow-up appointment to review progress
  • Secure portal access and texting during business hours. All messages received after hours, weekends and holidays will be returned the next business day.
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