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Focused Patient Programs

Biological Age Assessment & Plan

FSIM is happy to offer the new epigenetic TruAge™ test from TruDiagnostic™, which will generate the most informative report of science-backed research with your results. This test will provide an accurate overview of your current health status and a path forward for your future health journey. Find yourself better prepared to combat the world’s oldest disease, aging. Use the results to turn back the clock and ensure you will live a longer and healthier life!

What is the TruAge™ Test?

The TruAge™ test is the first epigenetic test able to analyze the changes in your DNA and to determine how these changes actually affect your body and your health. This novel epigenetic test uses markers on your DNA called "methylation" to predict your biological age.

Your biological age is more accurate at predicting health span (how healthy you are) and lifespan (how long you will live) than any previous molecular biomarker and can be correlated to various aging-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

Ideally, everyone would want their biological age to be less than their chronological age. This means that you are living a healthy lifestyle that will help you stay free of sickness and disease.


Why Should You Choose TruAge™?

The TruAge™ test is the most robust testing available worldwide for biological age evaluation. The data we get from your DNA is 40,000 times larger than many competitors. The test looks at 850,000 locations on the DNA and evaluates the changes.  Then, through a complex mathematic model validated by research using data from over 5000 people and combined with artificial intelligence, we are able to find correlations with incredibly high accuracy and link these results to health outcomes.  

For example, if 2000 patients show methylation on their DNA at the same place and 1999 of those patients develop Alzheimer’s, we can say with a high degree of certainty that that location on the DNA can help predict the risk of Alzheimer’s. These mathematical calculations have been performed with biological aging. By comparing the biological age and chronological age of a person, we can predict their risk of many, many different diseases ...and maybe even when they might die!


The Process?

Aging is the predominant risk factor for most diseases and conditions that limit health span. Accordingly, interventions in animal models that end up in an extension of lifespan often prevent or delay many chronic diseases. Why? For many years the explanation was that the aging process itself is a physiological condition which favors the onset of many diseases.

Usually, scientists define two kinds of epigenetic aging, and both can cause damage to our chromosomes over time: Intrinsic aging and the extrinsic aging. The intrinsic aging concerns some aspects of the aging process that aren’t within our control. It has to do with the underlying genetic predispositions, or the epigenetic traits passed on by your parents and even grandparents. On the other end the extrinsic aging consists in environmental exposures such as poor nutrition, stress, lack of physical activity, medications and drugs, infections and comorbidities. All these elements can alter the DNA methylation at various stages in your life. These extrinsic factors are the focus for any health-conscious individuals because these are the things you can fix and change and will help you live longer!

Duration: 3 months

The Program

  • Before your visit:
    • Complete our intake forms and send us any recent labs (no more than 2 years old) to review of your comprehensive detailed patient intake
    • Set up an appointment to have your blood drawn at our office, or if you prefer, we can ship you the kit to complete a finger stick sample at home.
  • First Visit- approximately 6 weeks from when you complete the test:
    • Initial Consult (up to 90 min) with Dr. Staid to discuss your TruAge™ results & create a plan to help you live a longer, healthier life.
    • Multi-Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analysis
    • Creation of a personalized and focused health plan For Optimal Health & Wellness based on your TruAge™ Testing Results
    • One follow-up 60-minute follow-up appointment in 2-3 months after the initial appointment
  • Secure portal access to your healthcare team for the 3-month program.


Comprehensive Nutrient Evaluation

Who should consider this program?

This one-time visit program is ideal for someone who wants to know what to take based on their personalized needs. Dr. Staid reviews your health history and nutrient testing and provides a personalized action plan. 

Duration: 3 months

The Program

  • Before your visit:
    • Complete our patient intake forms and send upload any recent labs (no more than 2 years old) 
    • We will ship you a Genova Lab NutraEval Test kit to your home
    • On the day of you blood draw appointment at our office you will complete the urine test at home 
  • First Visit:
    • Initial Consult (up to 60 min)
    • Multi-Frequency Segmental Body Composition Analysis
    • Review of results and creation of a personalized supplement plan 
    • One follow-up 30-minutefollow-up visit approximately 8-12 weeks later to make any adjustment and answer any additional questions.
    • One follow-up 60-minute follow-up appointment in 2-3 months after the initial appointment
  • Secure portal access to your healthcare team for the 3-month program.
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