Commonly Asked Questions


1. After registering to become a new patient, what do I need to do prior to my first appointment? 

Yes,  after you register to become a  new patient of the practice you are sent a link to Full Spectrum Patient Portal and are required to complete and submit the health questionnaires and medical information requested on the portal's Home Page. In addition, New patients please send in1-2 years of medical records for Dr. Staid's can review before your first appointment.  Legacy patients*, please have your entire medical records transferred from Dr. Staid's previous practice.


We prefer you to use our Patient Portal to complete all paperwork. Once completed you can request an appointment either through the patient portal or by calling the office at 610-557-8500. If you do not have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone to complete the forms electronically,  we can send you a paper copy. We ask you to fax or mail the forms to us.


2. What should I bring to my first appointment? 

Please bring all of the supplements and medications. Feel free to bring a friend or family member to offer another set of ears for your recommendations moving forward.


3. How long are the appointments?

Initial appointments are up to 75-120 minutes in length with Dr. Staid depending on the program you have registered for. For the Integrative Functional Medicine Health Assessment, the first follow-up appointment is up to 75 minutes. Most other follow-up appointments are  25-50 min in length depending on complexity. 


4. What do I need to do for my follow-up appointments?

Before each appointment, please go to the patient portal to update us on any changes to your medications, supplements, allergies, vaccines, health problems,  the Medical Symptom/Toxicity Questionnaire, and any additional forms that would enhance your visit. We encourage you to complete these forms at home before your appointment, so we can focus on YOU during your visit. If for some reason you are unable to complete the forms before your visit we ask you to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the forms before your scheduled appointment, otherwise, your appointment may need to be shortened to keep us on time for our other patients.


6. Do you accept insurance? 

No, we do not accept any form of insurance including Medicare or Medicaid and we cannot provide any insurance referrals. After each medical visit, the Patient Coordinator can provide a Super Bill that you can submit to insurance for out-of-network reimbursement. Many members choose to pay for their visits, services, and supplements using FSA/HSA dollars.


7. What is the typical initial cost for appointments?

Investing in your health is not a one-shot deal.  It’s a journey and truly a lifelong gift that keeps on giving for you and your loved ones.  Please contact us for pricing details.


New Patient Programs: (for details of each program click link)


After your initial new patient Integrative Functional Health Assessment (IFHA) or the Comprehensive Executive Health & Wellness Evaluation (EHWE), follow-up programs are offered based on what fits your individual needs. 

8. Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa, and Discover credit cards.


9. Do you accept FSA or HSA credit cards? 

Yes, at the time of service, you will receive a receipt for service in the form of a Super Bill, please keep this for your records as your FSA or HSA company may require proof of service(s) rendered.

10. Do you offer payment plans (as stated above)? 

We have partnered with Advanced Care Credit to provide 0% interest financing for 14 months to patients who qualify. This program is a convenient and cost-effective plan to get the care you need NOW and the option to pay over time without incurring extra. To learn more and/or apply please contact them directly through the link Advanced Care Credit or by telephone 1-800-432-9470.

 11. Will I receive documentation to submit to my insurance company?  

We will provide you with a Super Bill with the appropriate ICD-10 codes to submit to your insurance. We do not work directly with your insurance company, you are responsible for submitting all paperwork. 

12. Does the practice offer payment plans?

Full Spectrum Integrative Medicine has partnered with Advance Care Card to help with cost-effective payment plan options, so you can get the care you need when you need it and then pay over time. Please contact them directly to determine if this is a good option for you and your family. For additional information visit their website to see if you qualify for interest-free financing.   

13. Why is there a deposit for New Patient appointments?

Due to our specialty and the time spent preparing for your new patient appointment, we require this to keep your appointment. We have a 3 business day cancellation policy.  If you cancel at least 3 business days in advance your deposit will be used to secure your rescheduled appointment.  If you cancel in less than 3 business days of your appointment time a charge of $250 will be assessed. If you cancel the same day or no-show to your appointment a cancellation charge of up to 100% of the cost of your visit will be assessed.

Note: If you are late for your appointment your allotted time will be reduced accordingly.

14. Is there a Cancellation/No Show policy and a late policy for current patients?  

Yes, we have a 2 business day cancellation policy. We strive to provide excellent care and due to the nature of the practice, a cancellation fee of  $100 may be charged if an appointment is canceled with less than 2 business days' notice. No-Shows -and same-day cancellations- to appointments may result in a payment of up to 100% of the cost of your visit. If you are late for your appointment your allotted time will be reduced accordingly.

15. Can I use insurance for lab work?  

Yes, insurance can be used for most labs; however, deductibles and copays may apply. Most of the specialty laboratory testing companies accept health insurance plans except they DO NOT ACCEPT MEDICAID.  It is your responsibility to understand your insurance plan coverages and pay any additional fees directly to the laboratory company.


16. Can appointments be via telemedicine or telephone?   

Yes, as long as we have seen you in our office for your initial consultation and you are seen at least once yearly thereafter. If you are a new patient to the Integrative Functional Medicine Health Assessment, we require the first two visits to be done in our office. The rest of the programs only require the first visit to be in person and then one in-person visit every 12 months.


17. I just want to check my lab levels. Do I still need a full appointment? 

Yes, for your safety and ours; medically-legally we are bound to do due diligence with an appointment.


18. I just need a refill. Do I still need to have an appointment?  

Yes, for your safety and ours, medically-legally we are bound to do due diligence with an appointment and possibly a limited physical exam (e.g. BP and heart evaluation in a patient requiring a refill of blood pressure medication).

19. When are lab results reviewed?

            All lab testing (Specialty and Routine) results will be released and reviewed in great detail at your follow-up appointment. Dr. Staid believes this is important to give you a comprehensive picture and create a customized plan to address your health concerns and optimize your health. You are welcome to review your own results for more routine labs completed at Lab Corp, Quest or any local hospital labs by logging on to your lab-specific patient portal. Please be reassured, if you have lab results that need attention prior to your scheduled visit we will be in contact with you sooner by telephone.

20. What are your office hours? 

Monday-Thursday 8:00 am-4:00 pm. 

Friday 8:30 am -12:00 pm (telephone and store hours only)


21. What other services does the office offer?

  • Functional Medicine Comprehensive Assessments 

  • Comprehensive Executive Health Exams with a full array of biometric screenings

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Functional medicine lab testing (stool, urine, blood, saliva, and DNA analysis)

  • IM/IV nutrient supplementation therapy

  • Comprehensive Weight loss Program 

  • Nutrient Evaluation Program

  • Nutrigenomics Evaluation

  • Pranic Healing

  • Reiki

  • Yoga

  • Personal Training Assessments

  • Nutritional and Wellness Health coaching

  • Massage therapy 

  • Psychological counseling/ NET Therapy (starting January 2020)

  • Neurotoxin injections (Xeomin, Botox)


22.  Do you have a network of other integrative providers?

Yes, we work with several excellent integrative specialists throughout the area. If necessary, during the appointment Dr. Staid will carefully help select practitioners in the community for services we do not offer in-house.


23. Are you accepting patients for Primary Care?  

No, Dr. Staid is no longer a primary care provider and does not offer urgent or emergent care in her office, by telephone, telemedicine or messaging. She spends a great deal of time preparing for your visit and she and her patients value the time she devotes to each person during their scheduled appointment. She requires that you identify a PCP or urgent care service center for your urgent care needs. Dr. Staid is happy to partner with you to manage your chronic health conditions, provide an annual comprehensive physical, and make sure you stay up to date with your age-appropriate health screenings.


24. Are providers available after hours or on weekends?

No, we do not provide emergency service after hours or on weekends.  If you are having an emergency please dial 911 or go to your closest emergency room. If this is an urgent matter which requires medical attention, please contact your primary care doctor or go to your closest urgent care center.  However, if your issues or concerns are non-urgent and can wait for a scheduled appointment, please call the office at 610-557-8500 and we will get back to you the next business day.


25. Can you help me complete forms for work, school, insurance companies, etc?

If you need a form completed, please submit it to our office for review. If we feel we are the appropriate provider to complete the form, you will be notified, and either be asked to schedule an appointment to review the form with Dr. Staid or be charged a form/processing fee that depends on the complexity of the form. Please allow up to 2 weeks for completion of the form and longer if pertinent information is missing.


26. I need my records; how can I get a copy?

The patient portal will give you full access to your patient summaries, laboratories, and vitals, which you can print out and share accordingly. If you require a full paper copy of your record, please send us a completed HIPPA Record Release form and we will contact you for the required processing handling fee to process your request. 

27.  I need a refill of medication, what do I do?

Dr. Staid will only refill medications she has prescribed or formally taken over with prior discussion at an office visit. Please allow at least 3 business days for medications to be refilled. Occasionally due to medication shortages or insurance changes, refills may take > 1 week to be refilled, so please plan accordingly. Most refills will require an appointment and appropriate laboratory evaluation in a predetermined interval that is discussed at your appointment, so be proactive to avoid delays.  Certain medications will only be refilled at the appointment without exception, Dr. Staid will discuss this with you when she prescribes the medication.  Refill requests should be initiated by your pharmacy for the fastest processing, so please contact your pharmacy and they will electronically make the request on your behalf. Other acceptable options are to request refills through the patient portal or by telephone. Please do not use the Spruce Health texting app to request refills.

28.  I would like to return my supplements that I do not want to take. What do I do?

            All supplement sales are final, unless a mistake is made. This is because once the supplement is out of our office, we cannot control the                        environment it has been in. Some supplements must be kept in certain conditions and we do not want to provide anybody with a                                  compromised product. 

29. Is there insurance to cover the cost of lost or damaged supplements when I have them shipped?
            Currently, normal priority shipping only has minimal insurance coverage if supplements are lost or damaged while shipping.  We can add on                insurance for up to $5,000 upon your request. Depending on your order size, adding insurance may increase your shipping charge. We                            are encouraging patients to add insurance to their orders because of the recent increase in shipping problems. We will not be responsible                    for orders that are lost if insurance is not added, and we encourage patients to pick up supplement orders when possible. 


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